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camping facility

kids' wading pool

bbq pit

(3) toilet and shower place

wash basin area in zone B

common area with long table suitable for gathering

1. What is the check-in and check-out time? > Check-in from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm > Check-out by 11:00 am 2. Do I need to pay a deposit for a reservation? > Yes. 50% upon reservation 3. Can I cancel my reservation? > Yes. But cancellation is only allowed a week prior to visit. Deposit money will not be refunded 4. Can I reschedule my camping date? > Yes. Please contact us in advance for a new date 5. Is alcohol allowed? > Drink responsibly 6. Can I set my own campfire and use a flame? > We have dedicated areas where you are allowed to set a campfire. Please consult the camp-owner when you check-in. Campfire materials are prepared by campers. Only portable stove racks and casserole stoves 7. Camp security > No outsiders or visitors are allowed to enter the campsite without booking confirmations. We have staff on duty at night. The main gate entrance is closed by 9pm. 8. What are your camp facilities? > 3 toilet and showers, BBQ pit, long table 12 pax (suitable for gathering) 9. What type of vehicles can access the campsite? > All vehicles are able to access the campsite. 10. Where is the parking location? > Located at the campsite designated area. Enquire when at campsite. 11. Are pets allowed? > Yes, gentle and small pets. Pet owners are responsible for their pets. 12. What activities are available at GLO? > Durian harvest experience/ farm tour/ hiking/ sunrise and stargazing/ kid’s wading pool 13. Are there mosquitoes? > Yes, please bring along your mosquito repellant 14. What is the temperature at campsite? > It ranges from 25-33 degrees 15. Is there a power supply? > We are not yet connected to the power grid. Lighting, fan ventilation in the common area is powered by solar. You need to bring your own power supply including power banks where necessary 16. Is there a water supply? > Our water is sourced from the nearby hills and rainwater. It is pumped and filtered for the use of the farm. Please consider the environment when using 17. Are there mobile data connectivity? > Yes. (Maxis, Celcom, Digi) 18. Are there any nearby local attractions? > Kampung Sungai Dua air terjun, Bentong old town, Genting Highlands 19. Do you offer equipment for leasing? > Yes, please refer to camping price or ask us in advance


camp layout

camping price

equipment rental charges 

access to GLO


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