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about GLO

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  • RM 100 per camp lot
  • Come and select your own durian #freshfromfarm.

    Price is seasonal
  • Take a break from the city. Embrace nature.

    RM 10 per pax
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We cultivate and grow durian in Kampung Sungai Dua, Bentong, Pahang as our prime activity. We grow mainly Musang King, Black Thorn and D24. GLO (GL Orchard) is named after our lovely mother’s first name. It is our intention to express gratitude for her selflessness and grace in nurturing the family in this lifetime. We thought it apt, as her labour of love resonates well with the effort required to nurture and care for the farm.


Our passion in agriculture started from our younger days. Through adulthood, we were busy with our full time jobs and were unable to indulge in this passion. But it was always close to heart. When the opportunity came to own and manage a durian farm, we took a leap of faith and the journey has been nothing less than amazing. Simply priceless.

Nurturing and caring for the durian trees is not a walk in the park. The learning curve is steep; from getting the right fertilisation formula, surviving the unpredictable weather pattern to managing workers at the farm. But collectively as a family, we gather strength and resources, formed a long term view and never looked back.


We started GLO campsite from 2022. We call it semi-wild. We are not yet connected to the grid. So, we are fully renewable. All visitors and campers bring their own source of electricity and power. And it's amazing to observe how resourceful they all are. And fully living a world of basic and completely care-free and happy. It is a joy to watch kids going around the farm without their iphone, ipads or androids and just BE; like the good old days. 

We are very proud of what we have achieved thus far. The learning curve is steep. But nothing is impossible. Never say never, is our motto. We stay strong as a team and family and we are doing our best to bring you what we believe eco agro-tourism is. Stay tuned.

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"SJK(C)Sg Dua Karak Malaysia"

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